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Honors and Awards



"Best Ayurvedic Physician - 2006"
Prestigious Indian Award Presented to Dr. Karin Pirc of Bad Ems


Dr. Karin Pirc, a long-time doctor of Ayurveda, became the first European to be awarded the prestigious Indian "Global Hakim Ajmal Khan Award" for exceptional achievements in the field of Ayurveda on Sept. 6th, 2006.

Since 1992 Dr. Pirc has been the Medical Director of the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre in Bad Ems.

Her career in Ayurveda began in 1985 when she opened the first Ayurveda Health Center in Germany, near Münster. Her patients include more than 20,000 persons from all parts of the world.

Dr. Aslam Javed, General Secretary of the Hakim Ajmal Khan Memorial Society (HAKMS), New Delhi, expressed his "profound admiration for the knowledge and dedication to Ayurveda" of Dr. Pirc, whose life's work contributed significantly to the global expansion of Ayurveda. One of the main goals ofthe HAKMS is the popularisation of Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, which, though marginalized in recent history, has proved its efficacy over centuries. For this the Society presents its respected prize each year – this year it has been awarded outside of India for only the second time. "Dr. Pirc has long worked for the expansion of Ayurveda in Germany and the world as a whole through Panchakarma, consultations, books and presentations," said Dr. Javed, "and was therefore selected unanimously by the award committee." (Transscript of complete speech| pdf)

Confirming this sentiment, Dr. med. Lothar Hahn of the German Society for Ayurveda honoured "the more than twenty years of untiring commitment" by the mother of four children and author of numerous books on the theme of Ayurveda. He was particularly impressed by her countless successes as a result of her full dedication to Ayurveda. The high standing which Ayurveda enjoys in Germany can be directly credited to her and some of her colleagues.

In front of the 150 guests seated in the festively decorated historic Marble Hall of Bad Ems, one of the most beautiful ballrooms of the region, Dr. Pirc received congratulations from India as well as from politicians, colleagues and supporters. Mayor Ottmar Canz emphasised in his opening speech, that the Ayurveda Clinic in Bad Ems offers "this ancient system of medicine in its full authenticity, under the guidance of experienced doctors", not a mere 'light' or 'wellness' version of Ayurveda and that this has been a valuable enrichment for the spa town. Visitors from around the world and hundreds of media reports have brought greater popularity to Bad Ems, which has long been known for its healing thermal waters.

Greetings from the Mayor - Verbandsgemeinde Bad Ems (german)


He added that "for many people the Indian system of
Ayurveda has become a good alternative for maintaining their good health" and that this can be credited in part to the work of the Ayurveda Health Centre in Bad Ems with its 50 employees. "This development proves", said patron of the awarding ceremony, District Governor Mr. Günther Kern, "that their work has been fruitful and that Ayurveda is much more than pouring warm oil over the body and giving a massage. Ayurveda is really more of a lifestyle that can contribute to the health of mind and body, if people want that."

And it seems, by the words of Lothar Pirc, more and more people want just that. Together with his wife he founded the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre in 1993 and is the managing director since the beginning. However, there are still barriers that make it difficult for people to utilise the medical care of Maharishi Ayurveda. Despite significant and scientifically verified successes, most health insurance companies do not cover these gentle, yet effective treatments. He admires his wife even more for her ability "to have an unflagging enthusiasm for Maharishi Ayurveda and to always be completely attentive to every patient." This has made her very popular with the guests many of whom became regular visitors of the Health Centre.

Dr. Karin Pirc was moved and delighted when accepting the award and directed her acceptance speech particularly at the staff members. "One person alone can never receive such an award," she commented, and in true Vedic tradition she honoured Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for his initiative to popularise a scientifically based Ayurveda all over the world, as well as the masters of Ayurveda and the Indian Vaidyas from whom she received such profound knowledge and training.

Highly respected recognition in India

The Hakim Ajmal Khan Memorial Society was founded in 1989 for the promotion of the ancient natural systems of medicine of India. Special focus is put on the systems of Ayurveda, the Unani Medicine and Homeopathy. In these areas the society bestows a highly respected recognition for outstanding achievement. In 2003 the award was presented by the then President of India Sharma and last year by the Indian Minister for Health. The award commission, which is composed exclusively of esteemed experts of Ayurveda and Unani under the chairmanship of Prof. M.S. Usmani, thereby places Dr. Pirc on equal footing with renowned experts of Ayurveda in India.

Outstanding Achievement in Ayurveda

Already in 1985 Dr. Karin Pirc founded the first Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre in Schledehausen, Germany, and was its medical director until 1992. In 1993, together with her husband, she opened the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre at Bad Ems, where under her medical guidance the medical spectrum of Maharishi Ayurveda is being offered very successfully.

Profound knowledge and extensive experience, gained from 20,000 patients that have come for ayurvedic treatments, make Dr. Karin Pirc one of the outstanding experts of Ayurveda in the western world. Dr. Pirc received her Doctorate in Psychology in 1984 and her physician certificate in 1983. She received additional training in Maharishi Ayurveda from some of the most respected doctors of Ayurveda in India, and leads seminars and training courses for medical doctors in Maharishi Ayurveda. Dr. Pirc was born in 1951 in Hamburg. She is the successful author of several books about Maharishi Ayurveda and also co-author of a few more, some of which are highly regarded even in India.

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