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Panchakarma - the central aspect of our therapy

The Sanskrit word Panchakarma means five actions (pancha = five; karma = action). These are five broad groups of different physical procedures of Ayurveda. The effects of the individual therapies systematically build on and complement each other.

This achieves a long-term and extremely profound purification of the body. The steps of treatment described below systematically eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the body. These have accumulated as a result of improper lifestyle, environmental toxins and wrong thinking. Health improves as a whole and in the case of chronic disorders this frequently leads to relief from the actual complaints. For healthy people, there is a clear increase in zest, vitality, and performance.

Classical treatments

A favourite with our Panchakarma guests is the synchronised oil massage with warm herbal oils. In a sequence of several positions, all parts of the body are enlivened by being gently massaged several times. ... read more

Personal treatment programme

The most important factor in planning your treatment is your own individual situation and health requirements. After a comprehensive Ayurvedic examination, your personal treatment programme is planned according to your constitutional type ... read more

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